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Ajwain Honey |Carom Honey |Thyme Honey Bucket 28kg

₹ 6,860

₹ 7,140


Exclusive of Tax

₹ 6,860

Inclusive of Tax
Minimum Order Quantity is 1 bck
Maximum Order Quantity is 20 bck
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  • 28kg Net Honey
  • 240₹/kg
  • 140₹ Packings Bucket
  • GST free 
  • Frieght charges extra
  • Honey harvesting aria Chittorgarh , Rajasthan
  • Honeybees made it from nactor of Ajwain (अजवाइन) crop flowers
  • SHAHADWALE bee farms Honey
  • Harvesting time November 

Do you like the taste of natural honey?

If you do, then you'll love SHAHADWALE Ajwain Honey | Carom Honey | Thyme Flora Honey.


At SHAHADWALE HONEY, we believe in the art of beekeeping and the incredible flavours that nature provides. Honeybees makes this type of honey by nectar of Ajwain crop flowers. Made by honeybees but we are filtering only. 


Immerse yourself in the delightful flavors of our Thyme Flora Honey, sourced from the blossoms of Thyme flowers. With its herbal and floral undertones, this honey not only adds a touch of elegance to your palate but may also provide immune-boosting properties associated with Thyme.

At SHAHADWALE HONEY, we take pride in our commitment to purity. Our honey is raw and unprocessed, preserving its natural enzymes and healthful properties. We work closely with trusted beekeepers who share our passion for sustainable beekeeping practices and the preservation of bee habitats.

Ajwain Honey Benefits:

- *Anti-Inflammatory Impact:* Compounds in ajwain honey may have anti-inflammatory effects, potentially aiding in certain conditions.
- *Detoxifying Agent:* Acts as a detoxifying agent, eliminating toxins from the body and promoting overall well-being.
- *Cholesterol Control:* Regular use may help control cholesterol levels, thanks to possible lipid-lowering properties.
- *Menstrual Pain Relief:* Consumption is believed to reduce the pain and cramping associated with menstruation.
- *Respiratory Relief:* Antibacterial qualities may help relieve respiratory conditions like colds and coughs.
- *Carminative Qualities:* Helps expel gas from the digestive system, reducing bloating.
- *Metabolism Boost:* Improves metabolism, enhancing the body's capacity to burn fat and supporting weight loss efforts.
- *Anti-Acidic Properties:* May lessen heartburn and acid reflux with its anti-acidic qualities.

Feel free to refer to this list for the various benefits of Ajwain Honey!

 The honeybees collect the nectar and then make the honey in their hives. Once the honey is made, it's hIf you're looking for a honey that has a unique taste and all the benefits of raw honey, then try SHAHADWALE Ajwain | Carom | Thyme Flora Honey. You won't be disappointed.

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