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Mustard Flora Honey/ Sarson Honey Bucket 28kg

₹ 5,180

₹ 7,140


Exclusive of Tax

₹ 5,180

Inclusive of Tax
Minimum Order Quantity is 1 bck
Maximum Order Quantity is 100 bck
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  • 28kg Net Honey
  • 180₹/kg
  • 140₹ Packings Bucket
  • GST free 
  • Frieght charges extra
  • Honey harvesting aria Behror, Rajasthan 
  • Honeybees made it from nactor of Mustard (सरसों) flowers
  • SHAHADWALE bee farms Honey
  • Harvesting time November to Feb 

"Elevate Your Culinary Creations and Well-Being with SHAHADWALE Mustard Flora Honey – 28kg Bucket

Discover the essence of nature's richness with our SHAHADWALE Mustard Flora Honey, also known as Sarson Honey, now available in a generous 28kg bucket. This exquisite honey is harvested from the blossoms of the vibrant mustard plant, offering a unique and flavorful addition to your pantry.

Key Features and Benefits:

Pure Mustard Honey: Immerse your taste buds in the distinct aroma and taste of our pure Mustard Flora Honey. Derived from the nectar of mustard blossoms, it captures the essence of this iconic plant, providing a natural and authentic honey experience.

Large 28kg Bucket: Our generous bucket size ensures you have an ample supply of this delectable honey, perfect for households, culinary enthusiasts, and food businesses alike.

Versatile Culinary Companion: Elevate your recipes with the rich, bold flavors of Mustard Flora Honey. Whether drizzled over dishes, used as a natural sweetener, or incorporated into marinades and dressings, its versatility knows no bounds.

Nourishment and Wellness: Beyond its culinary appeal, Mustard Honey offers an array of health benefits. It serves as a natural energy source, supports immunity, and may aid in digestion.

How it Works:

Our beekeepers carefully harvest this honey from mustard plant blossoms, capturing the essence of the flowering fields. The result is a honey with a distinctive flavor and a myriad of health benefits that can be enjoyed in your everyday meals.

Customer Testimonials:

"SHAHADWALE Mustard Flora Honey is a culinary revelation! Its unique taste has transformed my dishes into gourmet delights."

"I love the convenience of the 28kg bucket! It's perfect for my bakery, and the honey's quality is exceptional."

"This honey has become a staple in my kitchen. Its natural sweetness adds depth to my cooking, and I appreciate the potential health benefits it offers."

Embrace the Taste of Authentic Mustard Honey:

Don't miss the opportunity to savor the exceptional flavor and wellness benefits of our SHAHADWALE Mustard Flora Honey. Elevate your culinary creations, support your well-being, and enjoy the convenience of a 28kg bucket. Order now and experience the difference that pure, unadulterated honey can make in your culinary adventures and daily life."

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