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Bee Hive for Sale / Bee Colony / Bee Box - Live Stock

₹ 2,800

₹ 3,800


Exclusive of Tax

₹ 2,800

Inclusive of Tax
Minimum Order Quantity is 10 box
Maximum Order Quantity is 250 box
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  • If you buy Newly Box then prices are 3800₹
  • This Prices are not final, rate will may be up-down
  • Apis Mellifera Bees
  • 8 frames with brood, eggs, larvae, honey and pollen
  • Newly matted queen 
  • 1 Running iron folding Stand 
  • Wooden Running old box with top covers 
  • GST Extra 
  • Frieght charges extra 
  • If you want to door delivery then 10% service charge extra
  • Booking amount will bee required 

  • Apis Mellifera Bee Hive/Colony/Box
  • Introducing our Apis Mellifera Bee Hive/Colony/Box, the perfect solution for beekeeping enthusiasts, conservationists, and honey producers. Our carefully crafted beehive is designed to provide a comfortable and sustainable home for the Apis mellifera bees, commonly known as the European honeybee. Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or just starting your journey in beekeeping, our product offers a safe and efficient environment for these remarkable pollinators.
  • Product Pricing for Apis Mellifera Bees and Equipment:
  • Apis Mellifera Bees (8 frames with brood, eggs, larvae, honey, and pollen) with Newly Mated Queen:
  •  Price - Variable, Please Inquire for Current Rates
  • Included Accessories:
  • 1 Running Iron Folding Stand
  • Wooden Running Old Box with Top Covers
  • Note:
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax) is not included in the listed price.
  • Freight charges will be calculated separately and added to the total.
  • If you opt for door delivery, a 10% service charge will be applied on top of the total order value.
  • A booking amount will be required to secure your order.
  • Please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing as rates may vary over time. Our team will provide you with the current rates and assist you with any additional information you may need for your beekeeping endeavors.

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