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Rosewood Honey / Sheesham Honey Bucket 28kg

₹ 6,860

₹ 7,140


Exclusive of Tax

₹ 6,860

Inclusive of Tax
Minimum Order Quantity is 1 BCK
Maximum Order Quantity is 20 BCK
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  • 28kg Net Honey
  • 240₹/kg
  • 140₹ Packings Bucket
  • GST free 
  • Frieght charges extra
  • Honey harvesting aria Pehuwa forest Kurukshetra 
  • Honeybees made it from nactor of Rosewood 60% and 40% Acacia tree flowers
  • SHAHADWALE bee farms Honey
  • Harvesting time Aprill

"Experience the Elegance of SHAHADWALE Rosewood (Shisham) Flora Honey – A Symphony of Flavor and Wellness!

Delight your senses with the exquisite richness of SHAHADWALE Rosewood (Shisham) Flora Honey, a pure and natural nectar sourced from the blossoms of the revered Rosewood (Shisham) tree. Our honey is a testament to nature's perfection, a harmonious blend of taste and well-being that transcends ordinary honey.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

A Gift from Rosewood Blossoms: Our honey is a masterpiece created by industrious bees as they gather nectar from the delicate blooms of the Rosewood (Shisham) tree. This unique origin lends it a distinctive and captivating flavor profile.

Raw and Unaltered: At SHAHADWALE, we honor the purity of nature. Our honey is raw and unaltered, preserving its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients. It's an energy-packed elixir that enhances your overall vitality.

Wellness in Every Drop: Dive into the innate goodness of our honey, a natural enhancer of well-being. Its all-natural components work together to boost your immune system and contribute to your overall health.

Soothing and Nourishing: Experience the calming effects of our honey as it soothes your senses and reduces inflammation. Its natural attributes provide relief, offering comfort and wellness in every spoonful.

How It's Created:

Our bee colonies thrive amidst the splendor of Rosewood (Shisham) trees, diligently collecting nectar from their blossoms to create the golden treasure of our honey. The raw, unprocessed nature of our production ensures that the honey retains its exceptional qualities, providing an energizing boost, immune system fortification, and soothing relief.

Customer Testimonials:

  • "SHAHADWALE Rosewood (Shisham) Flora Honey is a revelation! Its pure and natural flavor elevates every meal."
  • "I've incorporated this honey into my daily routine, and I feel healthier and more invigorated than ever before."
  • "The calming effects of this honey are extraordinary. It has become my go-to source of natural comfort."

Experience the Pure Bliss of SHAHADWALE Rosewood (Shisham) Flora Honey:

Whether drizzled on your morning toast, blended into your favorite tea, or used as a gourmet ingredient in your culinary creations, our Rosewood (Shisham) Flora Honey adds a touch of elegance to your daily life. Discover the exceptional quality of SHAHADWALE honey by adding it to your cart today.

Elevate your well-being and savor the transformative influence of pure, unadulterated honey on your journey to a healthier, more flavorsome lifestyle. Let SHAHADWALE Rosewood (Shisham) Flora Honey be your sweet companion on this wellness voyage."

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